Everyone knows that an organization is much stronger than are the individuals who form that organization. As a result, every professional group has a NEED for an association, which utilizes its collective strengths in order to define and solve common problems and achieve common objectives. ICAIC is the solution to such a need for the many professionals who serve the Iranian community as Iranian-Canadian Immigration Consultants

ICAIC is a non-profit organization, which means that all revenues generated and any accretions thereof are spent directly towards the achievement of the association’s objectives and for the benefit of all association members, as well as the Iranian Community

We encourage all Iranian-Canadian Immigration Consultants and Lawyers to join us in order to use our collective strengths for everyone’s benefit


ICAIC helps protect the interests of the Iranian-Canadian Immigration Consultants and promotes fair and ethical Immigration practices to help protect the Iranian Community


In order to serve both the Iranian Community and the Iranian-Canadian Immigration Consultants, ICAIC has grouped its objectives into two major categories, which are Membership Benefits and Community Benefits

One) Membership Benefits

To help protect our members’ interests at all times

To promote the profession of Immigration Consulting within the Iranian community and to differentiate between “Authorized Representatives” and Unauthorized Representatives”

To help increase our members’ capabilities and knowledge by providing them with training and development opportunities

To establish formal relationships with related organizations such as CIC, ICCRC, CMI, and CAPIC

To provide all members with the opportunity to voice their concerns, share their opinions, and present their recommendations and

To utilize the association’s strengths in order to identify and solve common problems and to achieve common objectives

Two) Community Benefits

To encourage our members to follow the ICCRC Rules of Professional Conduct, which would help protect their clients

To raise awareness within the Iranian Community by helping them understand the difference between “Authorized Representatives” and “Unauthorized Representatives”

To design public awareness campaigns, which would help the Iranian Community stay informed about current immigration matters; and

To ensure that our members have adequate access to information and best practices through continuous training and development opportunities

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